Level Playing Field will help fight the problem of unconscious bias in hiring. Businesses and organizations will be able to list jobs and receive anonymized applications with personally identifiable applicant data hidden, allowing for applicant review without proven unconscious bias factors.

Employers will message potential candidates anonymously and eventually, after scheduling an interview, the applicant’s information will be revealed. This will give people an opportunity to show their skills and strengths based on merit alone.

Unconscious bias in hiring resulting in a homogenous workforce has a negative impact on business earnings, corporate culture, and employees. Scientifically proven bias based on name, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, and other factors have created a lack of inclusion and stifled innovation[1]. As a lesbian-owned business, we have been working to combat bias and the myth of meritocracy in business since we started in 1995, especially in an industry that over the past 20 years has had a surprising declining number of women.[2]

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